GUORDAN (Pronounced Jour-dan) BANKS is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in North Philadelphia. Growing up, he was surrounded by a loving family — he is the seventh of eight children. At a young age, Guordan struggled with a severe speech impediment, so his mother encouraged him to use singing as a form of everyday communication with the family.

Singing became a way of life for Guordan and soon after he began exploring songwriting. This has guided his successful career as a talented singer and songwriter. From his breakout track “Keep You In Mind”, to his successes working with the likes of John Legend and Chris Brown, to his recent hit single “Can’t Keep Runnin’”, Guordan has become the first solely independent artist to have a number one song on the Billboard Adult R&B chart, even winning a songwriting Grammy.

Evolving yet again, Guordan launched his own Bank On It Entertainment to release the 2017 solo full-length, ”Unpopular”. By 2019, he notched 60 million-plus streams on Spotify and received regular praise courtesy of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and more. Along the way, Guordan honed a signature style he fittingly dubbed, “Cosmic R&B.”

Guordan Banks has tapped in to a fresh and exciting scene, and at the forefront of this movement is the upcoming album, Blood On The vinyl, featuring the hit song Can’t Keep Runnin’. The new album is a rebirth of soul, an expression of self love and of giving it your all, going for blood. Combined with his new luxury lounge wear line, Mirror, Guordan is geared to inspire the world.