How to go #1 on Billboard as a Independent Artist

As I think about the journey to a #1 Billboard record I must first thank all my fans for making it a reality. 

I remember when I first recorded the song with K.Roosevelt, telling him "I want to make a song for the summer" lol... Indeed we did ~ KEEP YOU IN MIND was born.

The session probably lasted no more than a hour or so. Tbh 

But I must say the specials records come when you least expect it. The first step to making a #1 record is not to force it. Let it come organically and trust me it always does. 

But enough of my coach K pregame talk. Truth is you need a budget!!!!! NO CAP. 

Haha... Now don't get discouraged you don't need a budget right away. Soundcloud is a artists best friend. I recommend Soundcloud first before releasing to a distributor. And you ask why? I believe that the more room you have to be a discovery the more fans feel like they were apart of your journey. 

Step 1: Test the market (Soundcloud, Audio Mack, etc) 

Once you identified your focus record after testing the waters then put one leg in the ocean. Invest into the song, I suggest a video. Director Jawan Lee called me on a random Sunday saying he had a camera for a few extra days and he'd like to shoot the video. He charged me the family and friends discount. lol! I literally went into my closet and pull out the first jacket I saw headed to Santa Monica and we shoot the video gorilla style.

So now we have a focus song and a video the futures looking bright. 

Now I'm are ready to put two legs in the ocean. We now have the single and we must go to market. 

There's a company that every record label uses I know I'm probably not suppose to share this with you guys but on my next blog I'm going to let the cat out the bag!

Until next time #BANKONIT 

To Be Continued.........